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Digital Asset Management

Project Description


Our customer Serviceplan Solutions Technical ServicesvGmbH & Co. KG was running a digital asset management software based on censhare (www.censhare.com) as hosted solution (PaaS setup, located in external datacenter). Customer was facing several challenges:

  • Application was going to be business critical
  • Data volume was estimated to grow from less than 10TB up to 200TB

As a result of business critically decent requirements towards Disaster Recovery, RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective) were defined which could not be met by the current solution. In addition to that, cost of storage was estimated to rise quite linear with volume of needed storage.


  • Concept development of 2-datacenter hosted solution versus cloud (Amazon Web Services) solution
  • Cost evaluation, RTO and RPO evaluation
  • Proof of Concept of AWS based solution
  • Setup and migration concept
  • Migration and 24 x 7 Managed Services during run phase

As a result of the concept and evaluation phase the AWS based solution is providing excellent availability, RTO and RPO with low additional cost. In addition to that the cost / volume ratio of storage is dramatically increasing when it comes to high need of storage volume.


• censhare • Amazon Web Services