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DMS Monitoring

Project Description

MCON was engaged in a Dealer Management System (DMS) monitoring project for an automotive customer to improve their dealers’ satisfaction and IT support operation. The ultimate goal was to have an all-round monitoring system for DMS which allows central and user-friendly management.

Initial Situation

Customer had an established Nagios based monitoring system to perform checks on servers and network status for each dealer. However, due to the rapid business expansion and new demands, it was not able to meet the new requirements.
Customer’s DMS operation team was unable to obtain necessary notifications from the existing internal monitoring system.
Project Tasks

Develop project plan (Scope, Resource, Deliverable and Schedule)
Analyze existing monitoring system (architecture, service checks, workflows, etc.)
Define monitoring categories, operation workflow, administrative processes and security configuration concepts
Development of new monitoring design and architecture
Development of monitoring criteria and workflow
Build and rollout monitoring solution, including testing, handover, and training
Develop system and operational documents


Established a proper monitoring solution for client, with thresholds and notification procedures that can be flexibly adjusted from a graphical user interface
DMS operation team is able to obtain all necessary required notifications and information
Delivered a set of documents detailing the effectiveness and operation of the monitoring system including:
Monitoring Concept
Monitoring Checks Configuration
Monitoring Scope
Recipients Matrix
Achieved monitoring capacity and capability requirementsa


NRPE (Nagios Remote Plugin Executor)