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Hosting & Support



The success of hosted solutions is not only defined by datacenter availability, it is the overall availability of the hosted application from end users perspective. To achieve the best end user experience and availability MCON is led by simple principles: technical excellence, separation of development and operations, and unconditional cooperation.

MCONs hosting specialists with profound and verified experience in a huge variety of systems and technologies are on top of the line for more than 12 years. MCON environments are built to be fully redundant and without single points of failure, all technologies managed by our own staff.

We use central management tools like Puppet to ensure consistent configuration and speedy patch processes.

All security need are covered through dual layer firewalls of different make and models, this guarantees a maximum of safety for your applications.

We not only offer redundant and clustered hosting solution but we also ensure data safety through on-site and off-site backups and data integrity through host based intrusion prevention system with integrated file integrity checking.

For customers and developers we are not only a hosting partner, we also assist and support throughout the entire lifecycle of the application, this includes automated tools such as Hudson Continuous Integration as well as manual support from our administrators.

All applications and servers are built according to the specific requirements.

As a result:

  • Development partners can concentrate on development instead of worrying about complicated go-live procedures
  • Project partners can focus on functionality and QA, ensuring that only fully tested applications are deployed
  • Customer can rely on immediate, continuous, and unbureaucratic support in any case.


MCON provides both onsite helpdesk outsourcing, as well as remote and on-site support service, following ITIL practices and standards to offer our customers a wide range of service desk support.

Our support services for end users includes, but not limited to, device asset planning and management, OS and application upgrades and rollouts, system and network security, new site setup and testing support, data storage and backup, and desktop troubleshooting.

We also have Asset Management solutions to manage all your hardware, software, and end user licenses – centralized in one place for easy management and clarification about what’s needed.

With our help desk support, the following can be achieved:

  • You can concentrate on your core business, without the worry of recruiting, training, and supporting internal staff.
  • You can have the guarantee of your business continuity through our rapid service response and strong problem solving capability.
  • You can enhance end-user productivity and save costs without hiring and managing an internal IT support team.
  • You can reach high IT performance from our professional support team who already has many years proven experience by helping first tier international automotive companies.