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Infrastructure & Rollout


IT Infrastructure

Under today’s volatile business environment, enterprises have a growing demand for a scalable IT infrastructure to meet the rapidly changing business landscape.

MCON provides a wide array of infrastructure services and operations, whether it is related to your enterprise wide communication and networking, identity and access management, datacenter facilities, backup and storage solutions, or the integration of your satellite offices around the world. MCON consults, builds, integrates, and manages highly-available, secure, scalable, and tailored infrastructures based on customer’s demands with proven ready solutions from well-known OEMs as well as open-source solutions to balance customer’s requirements and budget plans.

Our strength is to see your requirements not only from a “system integration” perspective, but as a need which has to be planned end-to-end by professional IT consultants with a broad knowledge. With this broad knowledge, and commitment to end-user satisfaction, MCON will provide the infrastructure services that your company needs.


As businesses continue to grow, often times they will need a third-party to deploy services and infrastructure for their locations.

MCON helps to build up and integrate your IT systems and network, whether it is in your headquarters, in your branch office, or on retail level. We manage rollout plans, resource planning, and define IT standards. We train your IT managers, perform audits of your infrastructure, and setup, configure, and support your applications and systems.

Our goal is on-going project management support, fulfilling your goals and growth, and offering solutions fitting to your IT landscape.

In the past 4 years, we helped more than 300+ dealers from top automotive companies build up their IT environment throughout China. When it comes to rollout, MCON can provide rapid and reliable support for your enterprise.