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Security & Monitoring


Security Service

Today, attacks into company networks are becoming commonplace, revealing confidential and sensitive data that might severely damage a a company business. Therefore, the need for security is very crucial.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems are a mandatory component in PCI compliance, and in today’s network infrastructure, of paramount importance for maintaining proper security. MCON offers different security solutions for your needs starting from your work devices (PCs, laptops, mobile phones, tablets) to an enterprise network prevention system.

MCON provides different areas of security solutions: Access Control (physical, remote), Authentication, Encryption (e.g. Client, Storage, etc.), and Intrusion Detection (e.g. Scanning, Analyzes, Auto-defense system, Advanced detection).

Depending on your requirements and your existing IT infrastructure, MCON is able to tailor the solution according to your needs and expectations.

Monitoring Service

Customers require us to be able to predict problems before they happen, as well as be aware of the exact moment it happens.

MCON provides monitoring solutions whether it is performance based, utilization, peripheral detection, security, access or something else our customers request. We utilize monitoring and alarm systems to view in real-time the status of our customers IT services.

We provide long-term monitoring of hosts and services for statistical research, enabling our customers to make informed decisions about their internal infrastructure.

Additionally, MCON is also offering business-friendly monitoring with customizable dashboards using Nagvis, complete with a drill-through function to easily see how services are related.

Our monitoring and alarm systems are based in industry standard technologies like Nagios, Centreon, and Cacti, enabling us to monitor services 24/7.