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Who We Are

MCON provides state-of-the-art IT hardware consulting, operations, and support. This implies hosting, server and network consulting and operations. MCON also offers onsite and remote helpdesk and IT infrastructure rollouts. Other areas are IT process consulting, factory infrastructure project management and consulting, and IT/soft skills training.

We know that a quality business solution comes through expert knowledge, best practices and motivated people. We at MCON provide you with proven, secure, and reliable technologies in accordance with your specific needs. Aiming to give you the best solution within budget and time, we work together with you to overcome any challenges in realizing the IT objectives that have been defined by MCON, in close collaboration with you.

Our team is a kaleidoscope of nationalities, experiences and professional skills, with qualifications in a range of information technologies. Our global presence, which extends to offices in Germany, Switzerland, China, and Malaysia, allows us to serve you comfortably from close to home. Behind each of our people stands the whole MCON team with its full range of IT competencies and accumulated experience.

Cooperating with our partners CRM Factory and Serviceplan, we provide our customers a state-of-the-art IT hardware / CRM consulting, operations, rollout, and IT outsourcing solution.

Our mission is to deliver our clients premier professional services and optimized solutions to help them fulfill their business goals.

We believe that short-term profit should never get in the way of delivering the right solution to the customer. Therefore, we emphasize long-term commitment, even if that means we will receive less profit compared to other solutions.

Our team is global and diversified with office locations in Europe and Asia

We are passionate about delivering a 360-degree integrated solution for the automotive industry from websites, portal solutions and e-commerce platforms, to wholesale solutions, connecting to the dealer side.